We are firm believers in dissecting product choice to its most basic level. We pride ourselves on our ability to share a complete understanding of how products are manufactured and serviced, how materials and components are sourced, and who the people are behind the products. This allows dealers, designers and customers to achieve desired function and aesthetic at a true value, where value can only be appreciated if you know what you’re paying for. 

Source BPD has extensive and unique experience with commercial furniture manufacturing as well as domestic, local and global sourcing. We have used that background to identify partners that properly control their own sourcing, designs and manufacturing, and who are committed to the quality and design of their product. More importantly, we find partnerships with ownership that consistently demonstrates a commitment to their customers. We are excited and proud to represent the people and their product for the Colorado market. 

We represent right-sized manufacturers with the control to be flexible for you and your customers. 

Aren’t finding what you need? We will find it for you. We represent domestic and global sourcing options in addition to our just-in-time manufacturing partners. 

Source BPD is here to help, and we believe we can. We are here to educate with no spin. We are here to provide you the high level of service you should expect from any of the well-respected manufacturers we represent. 

​Please contact Tim Provost, your local representative with questions or inquiries. Tim can be reached at 303-916-5552 or via email at tim@sourcebpd.com

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